THR the idea that temperature is related to crime


Week 26


Date: Jun 26th, 2019
Motion: THR the idea that temperature is related to crime
Role: PM (gov.)

Dear Ladies, Gentlemen, Chair and Congregation,

It has come to our attention that certain quarters think that the warming of temperatures in this country is associated with a bigger rate of crime overall. You can read a digest of the claim here (in Swedish). The main focus is on assaults and batteries, rapes and robberies. It is claimed that 29°C, about 84.2°F is the aptest temperature for especially that kind of crime.

As the Prime Minister of the proposition, I would like to say that this issue hits the nail on the head when it comes to how certain things causate or correlate with other things or how they co-exist without no relation whatsoever. Let me take you on a journey of ”crime-think”. Let us think about the circumstances in which any person or some people may commit an aggressive, criminal or an offensive act and, thus, end up in a court of justice eventually.

Embezzlement, Property Crimes and Theft
One of the biggest reason why people commit crimes against property is opportunity. They embezzle, steal or rob because an opportune moment comes along. It may be that a) the target is more than worthwhile or b) the likelihood of getting caught is nil or c) both. This is an exact moment when people turn criminal in one way.

Interpersonal Relationships and Violent Crime
There is a special chemistry between all people. Some people, mutually, get along especially badly. It may be that the surrounding circumstances are to blame, or other people. They may be aggravating, contributing factors. What is common to most of the perpetrators is a low self-esteem, bad impulse control and a higher than usual feeling of some undesirable emotion, such as envy or pride out of control. When this, in turn, causes an act of homicide or some lesser infliction of injury, it can be said that the process has been under way for some time and things just reached the boiling point at some point thereafter. But that it was all in the cards, anyway.

Vice Crime and the Abuse of Drugs and People
One of the key reasons why people commit vice crime is that they regard them as victimless crimes. If they abuse drugs, they regard it as their personal problem. If they die, it’s their own ”problem”. If they abuse people (think of it as incest, human trafficking or prostitution), they consider the victim partly to blame for his or her condition and the crime such that it does not cause any bodily harm or injury. They do not think about any other consequences. As a consequence, people engage in vice crime blithely and usually without a sense of guilt.

I have already covered a vast field of crime here, and to me it seems that none of this has any function with weather or temperature. The functioning is not even correlational, so that there should be a trigger or a link. In my opinion, most of the aforementioned types and acts of crime occur at their own pace, building up, being triggered, being released, and that is outside the scope of the circular or meteorological cycles of the Earth. If there is a circadian-cycle or weather-pattern link to crime, it has to do with light/dark instead. I.e. when night time falls, crime proliferates due to the sheltering cover of the night. And when autumn comes after summer, the same happens for the same reasons.

Evil is incomprehensible to us. We are so frightened about crime that we try to come up with explanations for it where none can be found. Crime co-exists with the weather without any relation whatsoever.

Thank you.

Could it be that Climate Change is seen as a culprit in rising crime? That’s probably a bit of a  stretch.

Arvio: Puheen pontimena oli todellakin julkaistu artikkeli, joka puolestaan pohjautui erilaisiin julkaistuihin tutkimuksiin vertaisarvioiduissa journaaleissa. Asiaa ei tietenkään tarvitse purematta niellä. Yritän tuoda esiin, miten tutkimustulokset eivät käy järkeen eivätkä laatuun ja miten koko asian takia saattaa vain olla pyrkimys laittaa ilmastonmuutoksen piikkiin yhä enenevässä määrin myös asioita, jotka sen piikkiin eivät kuulu, osana joukkohysteriaa. Jätän kuitenkin täysin tarkoituksella puoleni muille osanottajille ilmaa ja tilaa tuoda tätä asiaa esiin puuttumatta siihen sen kummemmin. (Kuvituskuva ei tule puheessa esille, vaan se on vain sanoitettu jälkiviisaasti.)


THB that the Beatles Is the Best Album by the Beatles


Week 25


Date: Jun 17th, 2019
MotionTHB that the Beatles Is the Best Album by the Beatles
Role: Secretary (opp.)

NB. A record by the Beatles, The Beatles, is also known alternatively as the White Double or the White Album. Occasionally it may also be called Nameless, Blanko, Snow White or something to that effect.


Dear Gathering, Ladies, Gentlemen and Judge,

We have heard an interesting vindication of the White Album by the Beatles, which could best be summed up with the contents of the following essay by Dorian Lynskey about its merits. Our side does not believe that the White Album by the Beatles would be their best. The simple reason is that the album lacks coherence and cohesion that reflects the turmoil the band went through at the time. Let me elaborate.

The career of the Beatles can be divided into two halves, roughly: the time when the lads were collaborating tightly and the period when egos, finances and girlfriends began to drive a wedge between the members.

I would say that Magical Mystery Tour was the last great record the band made and the White Album was the first bad one they made. But the trouble with the last three records, the White Double, Abbey Road and Let It Be is really that they are one and the same gestation of a record spread onto three LPs. The material is un-even and homogeneous in its heterogeneity throughout. This means that at that point there was not even an attempt at trying to create any cohesive albums anymore. Every member, Ringo included, is contributing material, and it’s only half-cooked. Sketches for songs pass for actual songs.

The whole thing reminds us of another European artistic great, Hergé, whose last Tintin album was merely a storyboard for a ”real” Tintin album, but ultimately was published as his last work of art, Tintin & Alph-Art. People have forgotten how much time and energy Hergé really put into a Tintin album; why, he used to have a studio of aides, colourists and draughtsmen and -women at his disposal, among whom he also found his second wife.

The truth about the last three records was that great records could have been culled and curated from the material that the band composed and compiled after 1967, and released between 1968 and 1970. That would have required, at any rate, someone capable of making such magisterial and executive decisions. That curator could have chosen, for example, to have three solo albums released seemingly under the Beatles brand, i.e. one by Paul (what became The White Album), one by John (what became Abbey Road) and one by George (what became Let It Be). But honestly, some other kind of aural, semantic or visual overarching theme would have been better. At the same time, lest we forget, the Kinks, led by the Davies brothers, in addition to other of the era’s peer groups, did manage to design and release concept albums. George Martin would not have been the ideal curator, as he had his hands full delivering all the sonic solutions that the band demanded in the studio, on behalf of EMI-Parlophone.

It seems more and more to be so that the loss of manager was the loss (and undoing) of the Beatles. Brian Epstein (1934 – 1967) could have been the executive voice who could have curated the ”good” albums out of the uneven material that the band yielded between 1967 and 1970. It must be no coincidence that the band went into its diagnostic decline after Epstein’s death. Up until that point, everything had been fine, the drug use of the band notwithstanding. Substance abuse and money could break other bands up, but not the Beatles. They were too hard-wired for that.

So, why is the White Album hailed as the band’s best? It can be so that people were just slow to catch up. In the beginning, the Beatles were a live act and a radio act, whose records were being sold on the side as well. But fewer actually bought them with their own money. The first instance when an album launch was an ”Event” was when Sgt. Pepper was released in the June of 1967. After that, people perhaps felt that all the other album releases were events as well and felt obliged to buy every one of them. Also, they had more money at their disposal, as the economy had growth digits like the People’s Republic of China today. People tend to value what they own. Because more people own the three last albums than the first three albums, or albums in between, they think that the latest are the best albums the band ever produced.

And they could not possibly be right about that.

Thank you.

A thorough selection of album sleeves and titles as produced by the Beatles; in the southeastern corner, the last one.

Arvio: Puheeni on melko asiaankäyvä ja perusteellinen ja siinä on monia faktoja, jotka olen yrittänyt saada oikein. Mahdollisena uutena informaationa esitän managerin osuuden kokonaisuudessa ja hänen liian aikaisen poismenonsa. Paljon riippuu siitä, mitä edellä olevat ovat sanoneet, olisiko tämä puhe parempi sihteerin vai edustajan roolissa, kun riviedustajan tulisi kuitenkin sanoa jotakin luovaa, ehkä juuri tuota. Toisaalta sihteerinkin on syytä jotenkin poiketa puheenjohtajan annista (tauto)loogisista syistä, joten katson, että tämä puhe on sihteerin puheeksi sopiva.

THB that this century will revolutionise genders


Week 24


This post is dedicated to my deceased student ”peer” (agewise, not degreewise), whose original birthday shares the ordinal number of this post.

🌹🌷 May she RIP.  


Date: Jun 10th, 2019
Motion: THB that this century will revolutionise genders
Role: Secretary (opp.)

Dear Congregation, Ladies, Gentlemen and Chair,

I believe that there does not exist myriad genders, even though gender representatives and civil activists like to tell us so. The number of genders must be related to biology. Without doubt, we should take men and women as the starting point. There are those. Most often, both are interattracted to each other, and that gives us 2 genders to start off with.

Let us then raise this number TWO to a power of TWO. This will equal FOUR. The next gender category is all of those people who are attracted to the same sex, whether they are gay, lesbian, trans or inter, as they often do not reach out to the ”other side”. One last gender is bis and pans who are covering the widest amount of bases, or could basically do with just about anyone, except perhaps for ugly bodies and ugly faces but no identity category in its own right. In other words, or to paraphrase, people are attracted to the ANY or BOTH sides, the OTHER side or their OWN side.

So, why should there not be only THREE genders? I consider the submissive and the dominant gender in pair relationship separate genders, and this submission/domination parity can be found across the playing field from gay relationships to straight square couples.

What is good about this is that we have a ”foursquare” which should be familiar to those who were awake during their economics lectures in the auditorium. Here we also have an analogy with blood groups, which have been formed in the same way, even though blood groups do NOT correlate with (let alone cause) different genders respectively.

These colours are wont to stand for gender plurality in society, pride marches and such, beginning in 1978 or 1979.

Let us also take examples of celebrated people in the specified ”3rd” gender: 🏳️‍🌈🇫🇮🇺🇸🇿🇦
(people listed below represent Finnish, American and South African citizens, not respectively)

  • Caster Semenya (inter)
  • Cris Owen (trans)
  • Chelsea Manning (trans)
  • Caitlyn Jenner (trans)
  • The Wachowskis (trans)
  • Ellen DeGeneres (lesbian)
  • Pekka Haavisto (gay)

In this new classification, all of these people would represent the same gender, unless they wished and stated otherwise themselves, but within the confines of the classification.

If there are 4 genders, it causes some grey hairs to administrators as there will be enforcible pragmatic consequences to administration and its arrangements. Document forms should be renewed in adding one or two tickable boxes next to the ones that are given as ”man” and ”woman”. Restrooms should come in one variant per gender, while a toilet for the disabled might have to be incorporated into one of the other options or listed as the 4th one. Also, the latter latrine could cater to people without an orientation whatsoever. Ads and commercials needed to cater to all kinds of gender. The gender diversity in TV programs was required to diversify likewise. The military as well as sports teams were asked to adapt to this new reality. Tourism and resorts had to ask for this sensitive information, so that they could cater to all the genders at hotels, restaurants and spas around the world, should one’s gender deviate from the default dichotomy.

What status remains close enough to the present day, however, is the fact that there is a shallow ceiling to genders. There are less genders than the rainbow-flag-wavers and -warriors would like us to believe in; on the other hand, there are more genders than the church, Eastern religions and totalitarian regimes would want us to acknowledge. The ultimate reason, why there is a set amount of genders — I believe — is that there are only so many biological and hormonal bylaws — within the human body as well — that bring about the aforementioned different gender outcomes. Gender is not a choice.

Thank you.

Arvio: Nyt ollaan vähän ”arveluttavilla vesillä”. Mutta ei niin kuin ajattelette.
Otsikko on sellainen, että sitä voi tulkita parilla eri tavalla. Tavallisin tulkinta olisi varmaankin kuitenkin se, että ”tällä vuosisadalla sukupuolien määrä tulee räjähtämään”, jolloin omalla puolellani olisin tällä puheella sitä mieltä, ettei näin todellakaan tule käymään ja jolloin olisin hienosti puheenjohtajan ja edustajan välissä tällaisella perusteisiin menevällä selkeästi etenevällä puheella. Mutta jos omaa kantaani pidetään jotenkin kerettiläisenä tai kumouksellisena, niin sitten se sijoittuisi vahingossa hallituksen joukkojen puolelle. Tämä on kuitenkin epätodennäköistä tilanteessa, jossa ihmiset eivät pysty etukäteen neuvottelemaan keskenään, mistä aloitteessa onkaan kysymys.

THW give some words of advice to those who are honourably graduating into adulthood


Week 23


Date: Jun 3rd, 2019
MotionTHW give some words of advice to those who are honourably graduating into adulthood
Role: Minister (gov.)

Dear Ladies, Gentlemen, Assemblage and Chair,

Lately, as the graduation weekend of the nation’s youth loomed, many commentators prepared impromptu speeches containing their musings or advice to the freshly graduating young folks. They included Laura Saarikoski in the biggest daily and Tuomas Enbuske in the popular tabloid Iltalehti. In my mind, they centred a little too much on concerns of their own. So, as the minister of the government, I’m going to give further


Only Your Latest Schooling Brings Jobs, Earlier Is Preparatory
SDP (the Social Democratic Party of Finland) is now heading the govt. and it has come up with a slew of measures to combat a number of social ills. One of them is to raise mandatory schooling to comprehend secondary schooling, after the age of 15 when mandatory schooling has so far ended. This means that the state will arrange and pay for everybody to go to high school and/or vocational school, ensuring that there won’t be inbetweeners who stay at home after school, never to return to society. The former type of schooling is only preparatory, while the latter gives a competence in the work market, especially at the low end.

The truth is that one may be ready for work after one year of community college, or countryside or adult institute, whereas work may elude one after ten years of university, if one’s minors and major and one’s character (= persona in its full extent and all that it entails) is not what the work market is looking for. The key thing is that only the last stage of one’s schooling prepares one for the work market, whereas the preceding stages prepare for that last stage. This is even true of people who re-educate themselves at a mature age for a new career. What they had learned before, they leave behind in search of the new.

The Job Market Used To Be Convex, But Today It Is Concave
There is abundantly work on offer at both ends of the job market: at the Low end and at the High end. The bad news is that the Middle is being hollowed out. Those who earn a lot welcome newcomers among their lot, as long as the newcomer is an expert of sorts on coding, consulting, designing, executing, managing or planning. In turn, they are able to leave the more menial jobs in their wake to those whose idea of a ”good job” is minding very basic, indispensable things such as repairing a car or a dishwasher or looking after kids or coaching them at a sport. Experts and executives need people around them, just like royalty and aristocrats needed before, and there is a job opportunity for the (speciously) unaspiring. Over time, annual income from this type of work may nonetheless be remarkably high, as ”aristocats” do not count how much money they shovel in this direction.

Those who would like to stick in the middle are likely star-crossed, as the middle is being hollowed out from its former convex form. They are left with two options:
a) staying unemployed and eking out a living on scraps, hugely stressing the immaterial capital and rewards in life or
b) turning entrepreneurial, self-employing themselves and selling their output E2B or E2C, in many instances online and overseas. In that case, they don’t have to care about the lopsided, concave quality of the job market.

The job market’s reverse bell curve (left). The job market used to resemble a Gaussian curve (right), where there was a greatest middle market for jobs, and fewer to underachievers and overachievers.

Try And Keep Your Belongings At The Bare Minimum
A young person who is not yet in employment should not invest in chattel property at all. It’s of no use. It only slows down all of one’s more vital and groundbreaking processes, and prevents one from relocating from a place of lesser importance to one of bigger importance. Books, records, furniture, hobby gadgets, pets, umbrellas, shoes, shirts, household appliances and board games may come in handy once a year or not at all, but a lifestyle of maximalism should only be aimed for after a first stable and pleasant work contract has been undersigned, or, in the best of cases, the same with tenure. Until that day comes, one’s lifestyle should be one of minimalism, living out of two bags and three cardboard boxes. It’s a right match. Trust me.

Instead of trying to acquire indoor chattels, it may be wise to invest in a van, if finances and/or parents permit. A van is something many quarters desire. An owner becomes an instant friend to those who move a lot in town. ”Audiovisual circles” may want to have a piece of it. And it definitely helps in one’s own moves. Also, it can be slept in, if there is absolutely no other place, in the carnal sense as well. All of which may be a…. dealmaker. So, instead of putting your money into value-losing goods, put the money into a Kleinbus or a Vito. If it doesn’t work out, you can sell it.

I’m not trying to pull your leg. I’m trying to give you rope & hope. Giving advice to young people is a ”dirty” job, but someone’s got to do it.

Work has disappeared from the middle, while people have come to populate the slopes.

Arvio: Tätä puolta voi ajaa joko puhumalla neuvojen antamisen puolesta tai antamalla niitä neuvoja. Koska minulta tämä käy, annan konkreettisia neuvoja, sillä oletan, että mies vasemmalla ja oikealla puolellani tekee toisin ja suuntaa yleisemmälle tasolle. Tätä puolta voi ajaa vaikkapa puhumalla täydellisen curling-vanhemmuuden puolesta, eihän siinä mitään. Vastapuolella puolestaan ollaan sitä mieltä, että nuoret pärjäävät paremmin omilla henkisillä resursseillaan.

THB that it does not matter what ads say as long as they show onscreen often enough


Week 18


I shall take a break from writing the blog for the rest of May. The return to the grindstone
ought to happen on the first Tuesday of June.


Date: Apr 30th, 2019
Motion: THB that it does not matter what ads say as long as they show onscreen often enough
Role: Secretary (opp.)

Dear Ladies, Gentlemen, Chair and Assemblage,

as the secretary of the opposition, I’d like to speak against the grain of the motion in the role that has been allocated to me.

The way that I see it, there are some companies out there that do not master their advertising, marketing, promotion and sales at all. I want to focus on some examples that I present here in order of their native to foreign status.

A company needs to introduce and or launch itself in the right way. It is not right to consumers that the company tries to take their money, while the former have to know telepathically what the company wants (in terms of whether it wants to sell them something and in that case what), as opposed to the company knowing what the consumers want. I can list a few unlucky examples of this.

Picnic (café chain)
The café chain is pretty much anonymous. It is vaguely favoured by women, allegedly on their way to work or from work home, in need of some fast rest & recreation. Men are not associated with the chain in any way. The firm does not have any hit product, nor does it distribute discount coupons to boost its sales, at least not nationwide. This notwithstanding, it has not gone under yet. It should not be possible that an anonymous cafeteria that sells crustless triangular sandwiches and coffee can maintain a sound profit and growth from year to year. One can hear an annoying whistle in the ads of the company if one is diligent enough to see one, ever. The same kind of useless whistling is used in Bueno/Kinder (milk chocolate goods) ads that target children and their parents.

Stadium (sports goods chain)
This is a Swedish sportswear and sports goods chain that came to Finland during the noughties and forgot to introduce itself. In the ads of the chain, clothes and body parts and paraphernalia are presented to the strains of something that remotely reminds of EDM, with a ”memorable” 2x-5-note melody embedded somewhere, each time in a new arrangement. They hope that the customer figures out what ”Join the Movement” is all about. The ideal customer of the chain is apparently someone who is so besotted with exercise that (s)he just wants to throw her money and day clothes off, in order to be reborn as a poorer and fitter individual in a maelström of athletics, exercise, motion, movement and workouts.

Lidl (grocery store chain)
Lidl also came to Finland from one of the GSA countries in the noughties and forgot to introduce itself, properly. The idea was that prices in the store would seal the deal right off the bat. Well, they did, to women and housewives and homemakers and penniless tenants. But there was one group that did not espouse the ”Lidl ethos”, and that group was: Men. Lately, Lidl has tried to call this group their own in calling it names and prosecuting it in its ads. In them, a middleaged man tries to come up with a dozen reasons why he would not buy anything at Lidl, carping at the quality and the dubious foreign origins of every product. Wife and the narrator in the ads tell him he should know better, suggesting that he is an ignorant bigot, because he does not want to buy at Lidl. Money should be without a native country, and it should flow freely in international free trade, seem to be the messages of the advertising.

I’d like to formulate here a ”by-law” or conformity of advertising. Advertising does not have to be neutral. It may moon a certain target group in an ”ugly” way in order to please the polar opposite of that group. In other words, taking a bow to one group of people while showing one’s behind to another group. This is a gamble that may pay off handsomely if done properly. If the profits that come from the group that is fawned on are way bigger than the losses coming from the group that is mooned, the advertising is sensible and effective, and could be carried on further. But if it’s the other way round, it would be foolish and serenading disaster. If a company does not know what groups to offend in the right way, advertising should be neutral, as neutral as milk and plaster and chalk. At the most, it could be inclusive in the sense that ethnic people and gender minorities might turn up more prominently in the advertising, also in leading customer roles. But then again, overdone inclusion is a different matter than over-the-top exclusion, so one cannot offend as much with inclusion than with exclusion.

Personally, I do not want to give my money to companies that practise advertising that does not take me into account or tries actively to offend a group of people that I am a member of. If the group of offendees is vague enough, say a) citizens of the world, b) EU member-state inhabitants or c) all Baltic, Nordic and Scandinavian people, this might not apply, as I do have a sense of humour, but otherwise it does. There is a reason why companies need to fork out such big sums of money to their advertising companies. The latter are supposed to deliver, in a way that the company cannot do on its own, as it cannot look at itself from afar and outside the box. Really great advertising thinks like a dissident, but it should not be a way that is indifferent, senseless or insensitive.

Thank you.

Does the consumer have to know what the company wants (and why) or the company to know what the consumer wants?

Arvio: Jos puoleni puheenjohtaja on käynyt periaatteellisella tasolla läpi aloitteen puutteita, virheitä ja sudenkuoppia, pääsen itse näin puhumalla induktiivisemmalle tasolle, jolla puhun konkretiasta. Mielestäni etenen hyvin ja vakuutan toisia mainonnan huonouksista. Ehkäpä minua seuraava voisi puhua moraalista tai rahasta.

THW only allow those who pass a political awareness exam to vote


Week  16


Date: Apr 16th, 2019
Motion: THW only allow those who pass a political awareness exam to vote
Role: Any prop./gov. role
(as this was an exercise)

Ladies & Gentlemen, Chair and Judges,

Tonight I’m going to speak for a political-awareness exam that would enable voting in the future.

People live in bubbles; in a liberal or a conservative bubble — which could be termed the idealistic bubble —
a leftwing or a rightwing bubble — which could be termed the economical bubble —
and a metropolitan or a provincial bubble — which could be termed the ecological bubble.
A political-awareness test would be useful and even necessary to either a) break up the bubble that people live in or b) make the bubble inclusive of more people than what it does for now. It goes without saying that people may be members of more bubbles than just one, apart from the polar opposite bubbles.

Political awareness has happened even to me. During our secondary and higher education years, youth are apolitical, as it’s fitting then to our lifestyle. My own youthful apolitical streak is best manifested in the fact that when the implosion of Yugoslavia happened during that time, I have scant recollections of that crisis and its aftermath and how it was resolved, as I did not follow foreign politics at that time. On the other hand, I’m fully aware of the ”9/11” catastrophe and how it played out, as it happened a little later. The main thing is that when people start hanging out with others than just their cohort, they turn anew political.
5 reasons made me become political again (or for the first time).

  • I had ultimately graduated with a degree
  • I had become a tricenarian
  • I opened the pages of newspapers again after a decade of passivity. Now I can happily read a newspaper for two hours, whereas I could have stomached that for 20 — 29 minutes as a twentysomething, comics included
  • I began at the Debate Society at the turn of the decade, something which favours reading the newspapers, knowledge and general sophistication
  • I began to take part in two pub quiz teams, something which necessitated reading the newspapers, knowledge and general sophistication

A political-awareness exam would break up these bubbles as long as they were designed by professional political scientists that were also peer-reviewed and fact-checked. The exam would need to be held annually somewhere, alike some other tests of a non-scholarly nature we have (driver’s licence, gun licence). Anybody could and should attend as long as that person was not underage or in custody. The disabled would be given aides and aids to help them through.

A pass of the exam would mean yet another plastic (id) card in the wallet. As you know, eligibility to vote is most often verified with a driver’s licence or a passport, anyway.

This test would provide us with better voters who knew more about politics and did not fall victim to lies, misinformation and progaganda. It would NOT, however, eradicate political dissent in its own right. On the other hand, problem referenda and political problem candidates in the media could be detected from afar for what they are.

I doubt worst bigots would be hip enough to read liberal newspaper enough to take the test or pass it. Political demagogues and bigoted leaders would obviously take the exam and even excel at it, but that might not extend to their following.

In forcing people to take the test, we would provide them with an antidote to the companies, lobbyists, trolls and special-interest groups on the internet and social-media sites. By now, globalisation and digitalisation have turned into threats against political awareness.

Thank you.

What do we need to know in order to vote — that’s up to the general-election exam that we need to pass first.

Arvio: Tämä puhe on harjoitus. Harjoituksen kantavana ideana on ollut tehdä ensin viidessä minuutissa jonkinlainen puhe, mitä edustaa kunkin otsikon alapuolinen jälkimmäinen kappale. Sen jälkeen tuomarit ovat antaneet kriittistä palautetta, yhteensä 5 ihmiselle eri aiheineen, jonka perusteella on muotoiltu toisen viiden minuutin jälkeen parempi, edellinen kappale. Tein kokonaisen puheen näistä paremmista ja huonommista aineksista, joiden yhteispituus on noin 7 minuuttia. Lopputulos puhukoon puolestaan. Harjoituksen jälkeen oli kyllä varsinainen väittely, mutta koska siihen osallistui vain neljä henkeä pitkälle edenneen kevätlukukauden ja pääsiäisen takia ja se oli näin ollen torso, laitoin tähän sen sijaan puheeksi harjoituksen materiaalin.

THB that sometimes less is more


Week 15


Date: Apr 15th, 2019
Motion: THB that sometimes less is more
Role: PM (gov.)

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen, Chair and the Assemblage,

this motion is about more and less. You may hear it being said on many occasions that ”how can less be more?” or ”only more is more”. Instead of listening to that, let me explain why less is more. My partner will elaborate on it from the angle of architecture where the dictum has its origins.

On Being a Pro
In my opinion, a professional is someone who is able to rule out alternatives, options and false information by means of a studied process. A pro knows what definitely does not produce the desired effect or product, and starts from there. A pro differs from the amateur in this respect. An amateur may let many different distracting approaches, feelings and facts affect the end result, which will ultimately then be a partial or complete failure.

On Being an Advanced Pro
An average pro, in turn differs from the advanced pro, in that the advanced pro can also opt in factors that may catalyse or promote the process or product that is under way. The credentials and assets of an advanced pro are a better taste, memory and knowledgeability.

What this boils down to is that we’re talking about the critical method here. It means that the truth is carved out by means of subtraction like a sculpture is in peeling away the layers of slag, surplus and stone which prevents us from seeing the beautiful shape of a sculpture or statue that lies in the raw material. Say, Christ the Redeemer in Rio or The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen or Liberty Enlightening the World in New York.

Another Example in Quizzes
The critical method works also in a mundane setting like the TV quiz. Let’s posit that you are given 4 options or alternatives to choose from as the possible right answer; a), b), c) and d). The amateur thinks that they are all equally tantalising and possibly right and guesses. The professional rules out 3 alternatives as implausible, because (s)he knows, based on generalized and/or specialized knowledge that they are implausible, and zeroes in on the one that is left and offers it as the answer. That is not a guess. And it should be the right one, if the method has been honest from the beginning. This same principle holds in more complicated processes and settings where people are faced with more challenging dilemmas or tasks that have been set up for them. They rule out what they are NOT going to do. Then they focus on what options are left and what they ARE going to do when faced with choices and junctures at strategic planning.

Occasionally, also pros face periods when they are being fed false information or they lag behind in the development of the field of their given professionalism. Even then, they’re not without their chances as they can always catch up with the Joneses. It’s still a shorter journey to the top from the middle than from the bottom. The critical mind of the professional allows him to update his information to contemporary standards, until he finds the road to competence again.

As you can see, less is more when it comes to being a pro. It’s not about scarcity or a deficit of quantity, but about exactly the right quality. There are many instances, when less is more desirable than more. It boils down to words like unique, one of a kind or first or last. Then, less becomes more.

On this note, I’d like to step down and hand the podium over to the opposition.

Thank you.

A professional is carving out something with the critical, less-is-more method.

Arvio: Tässä on esimerkki motionista, jota voi tulkita niin monella eri tavalla, että seurauksena voi tulla aksiomaattisia tai paradoksaalisia puheita. Kun ei ole mitään selkeää fakta-poliittista linjaa, jota kohti lähteä kulkemaan, pitää valita jonkinlainen suunta. Annan luonnollisesti myös parilleni luvan tehdä sama. Riippuen siitä, mitä II tiimi päättää tehdä, whipillä on melkoisesti työtä saada kasaan jonkinlainen yhteenveto. Mutta kukaan ei sanonut, että tämä olisi helppoa.