A New Liberal Party


Viikko 3


Motion: THW establish a new party to drive liberal values onward
Role: PM (govt.)

I want to talk about a concept of importance, so-called ”entropy”. Its basic meaning is ’disorder’, ’confusion-proneness’ or ’anarchy’. What this means in practice is that all things try to revert back to their natural or past state if they go untended and unmaintained. When the power plant in Chernobyl was abandoned after 1986, it did not take a long time before Nature and animals had reclaimed the area. Today radioactivity in the area is no longer life-threatening, but the place has not been reclaimed by human life. Entropy has taken over, so that former concrete buildings are now pushing grass and act as nests for birds and bats.

Entropy is the natural enemy of order. I’ve come to the conclusion that it has to be fought consciously. Otherwise it will affect things adversely. An image of entropy is the home of a hoarder. At first the hoarder’s home is a picture of cleanliness, neatness and tidiness, especially if bought first-hand from the builders and contractors. But, little by little, the home starts to look like a dump, as the owner neglects to take care of the basic tidying. Soon, the habit of letting clutter pile up in the house will worsen the situation. Corridors of trash will form in the house. The owner starts avoiding certain parts of the home/house. If something breaks down, it will be hard to fix, as problems (of access) multiply. The infrastructure may break down completely, forcing the owner to sleep someplace else, or in one of the rooms, the one that functions like a normal room. It goes without saying that the owner will have stopped showing his or her digs to anyone else than perhaps homeless people or drug addicts and alcoholics.

For this reason, I would urge everyone to take entropy into account in everything you do. The ground rules are the following:
1) If you do nothing, you are on a downward spiral. Entropy will eventually turn your house into a dump where you can’t find the bill you can’t afford to pay.
2) If you want to keep the balance right, make corrective moves toward order every day. They counteract entropy nicely. But
3) If you want to find a new road to prosperity, you will have to vastly override the tendencies of entropy by your corrective moves. You may have to make 8 corrective moves a day to counter the 3 forces of entropy that affect your life every day. You wouldn’t just notice it…

When applied to social life and society and politics, battling entropy means that we should fight for a civil society and services, amendments and earmarked money every week. Otherwise they, too, will be on a downward spiral  until the day they die. For this reason, we should really listen to the liberal voices in our society rather than conservative voices, for the latter act as agents of entropy. You should think about that. Thank you.

Puheen kesto: 3 min 28 sek
Arvio: * * * ½. Tämä alkaa arvoituksellisesti ja kuulija varmasti on ymmällään pitkän aikaa. Huipennus tulee vasta lopussa (jonkun mielestä aasinsillan kautta). Tämä voi kuitenkin olla hyvä tapa pitää kuulijan mielenkiinto yllä koko puheen ajan.




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