Straight Sex(uality)


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Motion: THW promote straight sexuality @ schools and universities
Role: PM (govt.)
Date: Aug 20, 2013

Something that I resent in my contemporaries, when it comes to fellow squares, is their tendency to not be able to talk about (the opposite) sex in a normal, humoured, congenital manner. When people come together in larger numbers, they have sex in mind, but they sublimate it in the odd way that they do. When they would like to discuss (the opposite) sex, they instead throw a comment on self-”abuse” or alternatively about homosexuality. This behaviour can be seen in males in particular. Girls do not do the same, as they are supposed to deal with sex/uality in more discreet, tactful ways, but they in turn, for example, go into girl-dancing-with-a-girl mode very easily. They think it’s innocent fun or safe in some way, but in some people’s or some other cultures’ eyes it would be an exhibit of blatant lesbianity. What unites all of this is the fact that none of this is bringing the sexes any closer to each other, nor are these people expressing their true sexual identities. Namely, I believe that a majority of those expressing homosexual behaviours or mocking them do not probably feel homosexual at all on the inside.

Sublimation in itself, the term that I mentioned, means per the definition of an encyclopaedia, ”refinement, transformation of the unfulfilled sexual drive into other, useful social and cultural performances or attainments.” So, maybe the mentioning of homosexuality or jacking/jilling off in terms of sex is sign of the opposite phenomenon, a debasement or transnegation. When people would like to talk about sex/uality in beautiful terms, they opt for the ugly and unfruitful instead. Both sublimation and debasement are adverse developments in a human bodily life and self-image and social constructions.

The way in which I battle this phenomenon is a bit curious or strange. I have a friend who is slightly older than I am. He feels like a safe choice for discussing sexual issues/questions. Whenever I talk girls with him, I tend to use the double tactics of painting women in both overtly romantic, rose-tinted colours and alternate that view with vignettes of how naturalistic and realistic life with them can be. I may say, for example, that ”she was standing there with lips atremble” and follow that statement by saying that ”a restraining order is what she would slap me with.” By painting women as both desirable and daunting, or romantic and realistic, or attractive and aggressive, or convinced and clueless at the same time, I seem to achieve tremendous therapeutic effects. They transcend the traditional ugly way straight people talk about sex and people. What adds to the joke is the fact that this guy himself has big issues with girls, does not know how to properly approach them and has apparently not been in dealings with them in a long while. This guy has regained his virginity and I’m discussing complex sexual situations with him!

What is evident is that we people change in terms of sex over time and the rule of thumb would seem to be that we become looser and more relaxed as years go by and ”the pressure drops” a little. We should just begin earlier.

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Arvio: * * *. Tämä puhe on tunteita herättävä, ehkä kiistanalainen, koska kaikilla on sen aihepiiristä mielipide, mutta siksipä se menee nopeasti syvälle asiaan. Sublimaatio-termin antonyyminen etsiminen on ehkä epäonnistunut. Termi itsessään on lainattu kemiasta joskus 1800-luvulla, ilman että sillä on ollut mitään ”todellisuuspohjaa”. Huumoria on mukana jonkin verran.



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