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Motion: THB that circumcision should be allowed for those who seek it [optional: if basic rights are guaranteed to those involved]
Role: PM (govt.)

Circumcisions? I would say that the subject is handled with typical Finnish political seesawing and tug-of-war brinkmanship. Consider this question of circumcision or allowing that on Arabic, African or Jewish children a slide control. One extreme would be to not allow them and their parents even into the country because of this issue. The other extreme is provision of Finnish health-care service to the families, fully, so that their circumcisions would be carried out with the full, precise craftsmanship of the Finnish health-care system. Which option would be better?

In Finland, the govt. is so timid and loves brinkmanship so much that it has refused to cater to the Muslim/Jewish population in this issue. It hasn’t either used it as grounds for the eviction and barring of such-minded people. The latter would be the stand that True Finns stand for and propagate and promote, at least amongst themselves. I don’t think they would want to see even one slit clit or dick in Finnish swimming-halls, spas and elsewhere. It does not make a difference whether those circumcised are boys or girls; from our perspective it is a barbaric and unnecessary thing that any quarter’s religion dictates based on age-old, antiquated principles. The religions are to blame, of course, but how to treat people who hold these beliefs; how to adapt to their views?

I believe that either solution would work: the only detrimental way is to let the ongoing situation go on. It would be okay to have ignorant foreigners mutilate their offspring, if that is their wish. I would take testimonies from the whole family and the kid as well. If they were unanimous, I would grant licence to perform a circumcision under general anaesthetic and proper, razor-sharp hygienic tools. However, if the kid refused or one key relative/mother/father told no, I would order an injunction against circumcision. A medical checkup three (or two, or one) year(s) later could determine if those people had violated this condition and if so, this could be grounds for returning them back to their country of origin.

We have to remember that ”in Rome, do as the Romans do”, but there it gets problematic, for Romans were more barbaric and superstitious than we are today. The old saying has nonetheless lots to say, and we can and should reconciliate the needs and pressures of both ancient religions and the modern ”health religion”. Circumcision is not all lunacy, evil and uncool. Many Nobel-prize winners walk around dangling their deliberately damaged dicks. If a good, intellectual, rewarded, awarded life can result in spite of that, let it bloom.

Puheen kesto: 3 min 25 sek
Arvio: * * ½. Tässä on tulenarka aihe, jota pitää vähän sulatella. Mitä tahansa sanookin, se helposti ymmärretään väärin tai käännetään puhujaa vastaan. Etnisten serkkujen asioihin ei saisi puuttua kuin ei varsinaistenkaan serkkujen. Loppu on provokatiivinen, hauskakin, mutta sitä ei voi sanoa missä tahansa seurassa.



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