Finns onto a Forward Form


Viikko 7


Motion: THB that Finns would be better citizens if they turned outward and thus forward into the Future
Role: PM (prop.)

Finns are extremely familiarised people. They stick to those they know at all costs. Everything remains ok up to a certain point. After that, difficulties ensue. Being so much time together becomes too much. The harmony between a married couple ends up in nagging, arguments, public shout-outs and homicides in the dark of night. Children get washed up in the same slipstream. Everybody dies. Alcoholic Finns, who have known each other for ages, may fall out over a few twenty-euro bills or a drink, winding up dismembering bodies. All of this, because people spend too much time with overfamiliar but wrong people. Intimacy gives a motive for homicide. The proximity to a gun gives a method for homicide. If there is no knife, a wieldy gun as a family heirloom is a probable murder weapon with ammo from the store. A Finn will talk into h** cellphone in a public space, loudly, and always to someone (s)he would know. Bills stack up, the volume increases and the carcinogenic powers of the phone get the upper hand. With strangers, Finns talk tolerable amounts of time at a time.

Finns could be xenophiliac people. They could be willing to socialise with strangers. Finns treat strangers in diplomacy. Strangers incur both better and worse treatment, but the former should prevail and be emphasised. Strangers boast a possibility/an opportunity. Both David Bowie and Neljä ruusua (4R during their 1996/7 conquest of the world) have written a song called Loving the Alien. The lovely (aliens) widen our world views with their own views. Strangers may lend money to you, while those you know most certainly would not do that. To strangers, you’re a stranger too, not a familiar acquaintance. Mutual estrangement is the glue that binds together. It can grow into something else affirmative than familiarity. As strangers are likely to have different genes than you and your familiars, strangers pose the prospect of a good companion/partner to you. Nobody thinks this is strange, except I of course. And now you, too, as I have indicated this thing. So that you know.

The reason why Finns are xenophobic is embedded in our genome. We are descendants to the kind of people who benefited from evicting others from their stamping grounds. Hostility to strangers paid off and got soaked up into genetic hereditarity. We can give up this genetic tendency in a changed environment, where the opposite would give out a more handsome dividend.

Puheen kesto: 3 min 3 sek
Arvio: * *. Puhe on lyhyt ja rasittava. Puhe on koostettu leikkaa-liimaa-menetelmällä käännetystä alkutekstistä, ja se kyllä näkyy. Välillä ollaan syvällä metsässä aivan hukassa. Lopussa kaivetaan darvinistinen syy, mikä on aina uskottavaa mutta usein vähän arvattavaa. Selkeä floppi, mutta myönteisessä hengessä loppuva.



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