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Motion: THB that Westerners should go to Russia to make money rather than bring democracy
Role: Chairman (opp.)

The Govt would want us to believe that Russians are a wicked people who don’t commit themselves to ordinary morality and that they should be colluded with when it comes to their propensity for moral turpitude.

Progress will come to Russia inevitably. It’s understandable that the country should be the Wild East for some time, but as material riches accumulate the need and push for better legitimacy will increase. Putin may be the last rogue ruler of this Eurasian Empire.

What is the lever, the wending of which will cause something inevitably to happen? Putin could be stopped in his tracks by using a strategy consisting of a) freezing of his assets in Cyprus or elsewhere, b) bolstering the democratic movements and press combined with c) becoming independent of Russian riches/assets/commodities globally.

Boycotts are one way of dealing with Russia(ns). Olympic, Eurovision (EBU) and FIFA committees play a significant role in deterring Russians from using their power against their own kin. More emphasis should be put on increasing their role in pressurising Russia into affirmative actions and measures FOR its citizens, not always AGAINST them, including all those dissidents who are tried and jailed unjustly.

Russians are not different from other people(s). They need morals and they have traditions of morality: their own Orthodox brand of church, which has long-standing traditions in saving souls and doing good. Only, the Soviet era erased away Christian spirituality for the duration of some 80 years. Soon thereafter, priests were reinstated.

If Russians are allowed more moral leeway, the problems stack up with other countries, too. African, Asian and other dictatorshits have a harder time abusing their peoples, if and when we don’t allow depredation by Russia, either. If Russia leads the pack of unruly wolf-nations, it has to be smoothly subdued and made less hostile by not allowing it to prosper that freely.

In fact, ”wolf control” is the proper metaphor for reining in Russia. The number of wolves in Finland is (below) 200 (at the most), now. Most wolves don’t dare move near civilization. They keep to the dense and wide wilderness. If wolves come too near human dwellings, they get shot or banished. This should be the way to deal with Russian, Iranian, Syrian, Korean or any other kind of rogue Govts that do not abide by civilized rules. Be a wolf or be a man. Lycanthropy is not an option. Thank you.

Puheen kesto: 3 min 52 sek
Arvio: * * *. Puhe ottaa varsin kielteisen kannan itäisen naapurin nykyiseen hallintoon. Se voidaan nähdä myös (kierolla) tavalla(an) kannanotoksi vastapuolta vastaan; edustaahan vastapuoli myös hallintoa tai hallitusta, ilman että se olisi vastuussa muiden hallintojen tai hallitusten asioista. Tämän tapainen puhe saatettaisiin esittää YK:ssa, kaukana Venäjän vaikutuspiiristä, mutta tuskin tämän vaikutuspiirissä. Kaikille venäläisille/Venäjän etuja puolustaville tiedoksi, että tämä puhe on vain retorista harjoitusta, kuten Recuerdos de la Alhambra on vain näppärä sormiharjoitus.



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