Femme Fatales


Viikko 16


MotionTHB that this country would need more feminism and feminists
Role: Chair (opp.)

Anna-Mari Sipilä wrote as the editorial writer in Helsingin Sanomat that the motion’s contents is true for women in Finland, and the whole of Scandinavia for that matter. Being in the opposition, we’d beg to differ to a great extent.

First of all, if Ms. Sipilä and her ilk spent even half of their energy on enterprise and building up companies from scratch, they would already be at least time-wise if not achievement-wise where they wished to be — at the top of the career and expense-account ladder. They’d like to jetset from place A to place B all around the world. If they busted their asses for real, building something instead of stalking like foxes on the sidelines or slaving away on the payrolls, they would find out whether they really are their worth in gold or not in the real, hard world. They might find out that it’s really men who make successes happen and provide the real start-ups with money as well as ideas and skills. What in that instance, Cinderella? Did you lose your shoes last night?

Second, let’s assume that the woman in question will get the dream job with the dreamy salary after whining that she should get it. What awaits that woman (in power) these days is the wages of Capitalism: the ungrateful task of handing in the pink slip to thousands of workers with spouses and families and children, as power goes hand in hand with creating ”creative destruction” in search of the elusive profit (that pays for the dream salaries). Only childless cold-hearted ones like Ms. Sipilä would probably actually enjoy that duty. Leadership today is very much about operating in a volatile and aggressive bear market. It takes an ounce of sadistic or masochistic tendencies to be able to work there. 80 % of British women are ”traditional women” according to a study, probably in part because of facts and trends like these.

Third, there are already avenues for women with aspirations, where womanhood is not an obstacle to anything. On the contrary, education, didactics and care are already some of the arenas that have virtually been reserved ”for females only”, complete with principals, rectors, deans and chancellors in the top posts. In that world, it’s routine to read about how a high-ranking female educator has sacked a male underling because of poor performance or strange behaviour. In that world, femininity is king. Besides, what about problems in that world? Schools are not problem-free but problem-ridden, partly because women have not made them into mirror images ”of themselves”, i.e. perfect, idyllic, pastoral, beautiful, just, observant shrines to learning and wisdom… Women hardly care about the development of schools, even if their word is the absolute law over there. Maybe women and their input or contribution is not that golden in the end?

I’d like to conclude by saying that equality is nigh on completely reached in Western Europe and if women want their version of equality to be passed on to the less fortunate peoples and races, they CAN do it on their own!

Puheen kesto: 4 min 5 sek
Arvio: * * *. Puhe on tehokas ja ankara, eikä anna paljon löysiä kuulijalleen, oli hän sitten naispuolinen tai vain hallituksen jäsen. Ongelmana onkin lähinnä se, että se ei osoita vastapuolelle oikein mitään paikkaa olla, viihtyä ja nauttia olostaan vaan yrittää maalata vastapuolen nurkkaan, josta ei ole ulospääsyä. Tämä voi olla hauskaa, mutta se ei ole rakentavaa. Siksi pisteet tippuivat.



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