Labour to the People


Viikko 22


Motion: THB that not all has been done for the jobless
Role: Minister (govt.)
Date: August 27th, 2013

I’ve come to the conclusion that employment is not a tricky question @ all. Or unemployment. My thesis is that everyone who can work should work. Then the so-called sustainability gap that the Chancellor of the Exchequer is talking so much about could be looked in the eye for what it is. Namely, is unemployment due to a true lack of effort on the part of the govt. or a false lack of effort on the part of the people, i.e. there being a part of the population lying low and doing nothing to sustain itself?

On the one hand, I would allow people who are genuinely mentally or corporally invalid or disabled to stay out of the workforce and do nothing for the rest of their lives. Everyone else, on the other hand, should pitch in and work for a living, however skimpy that living might then be. Only after full relative employment should we begin to aim for structural changes of a more groundbreaking scale. My further thesis is that since I know some people outside the workforce now, whatever would help them to attain employment could help the whole of the population in general. Let us go through my suggestions one by one:

The govt. should set aspiring people up with a Y code/number (indicating a single-man firm or a multiplayer company) and push them in the direction of entrepreneurship. The jungle of red tape is frightening to someone who has not worked ever in profession. The civil service should lower the hurdles and usher people in in this way; after all, it is the civil service that made up the rules and created the atmosphere of hardship in running a business. Tax breaks, counselling and such help would be welcome during the first 12 months of running any business.

Someone who wants to take a sabbatical should take one and hire other (young) people in her or his place in order to be able to rest, after many years of active service. To the hiree, that sabbatical would be a much-needed and necessary introduction into the world of work life. He or she should be mentored and tutored in, but after that (s)he should be able to work @ one’s own pace.

Local authorities should create groups where the unemployed discuss those ideas of entrepreneurship that would involve several people instead of just one. If two matching talents (in the bud) could be hooked up in this way, they would set up an example for the others to follow. They would try out their business idea together, trying to make it prosper. Even if they failed, the truth about businesses IS that a half of them fold within the first five years of trial.

Two for One workplaces might be one option for the desperate and unemployed. This would mean that instead of hiring one employee at a time into a company, two would be hired at a time. Their combined talents and educations would be added up into one and they could ”get the job” on condition that they were willing to share the salary together. If the salary was 2000 euros a month, both would get 1000 euros. Labour unions would not like this, but it would be ”desperate measures for desperate times”, and at least something to shore up people in a foundering situation. 1K a month is better than 500 a month. It’s a raise.

Organic agriculture is something that people do today out of the goodness of their hearts, even without pay. Those who could not get anything else, should work on a plantation cultivating pure food for themselves, each other and other people, as most people of a liberal disposition would probably say Yes to organically produced local produce. I have come up with at least these 5 suggestions for a better future in employment. This should prove true the government’s idea and motion that not everything has been done for the jobless in this country or in the world.

Thank you.

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