Loitering for a Living


Viikko 23


Motion: THB that strip malls are not the right place for young people during the day and on weekends unless they need stuff
Role: Minister (govt.)
Date: April 5th, 2013

#1 Assertion
Young people today are a common sight in malls where people are shopping, whereas these youngsters are killing time. I don’t like it. When I was young, people were divided into three categories, and I’m talking about the young expressly. Those who a) had or b) had not money but stayed at home and those who c) had money and maybe spent some of it the way they fancied. The idea was, all the same, to SPEND MONEY somewhere in the form of clothes, soft drinks, burgers or electronics but not TIME. Now those who don’t have the money to spend come over to hang out.

Everyone knows how rowdy teenagers can be. They somehow manage to occupy more vocal and spatial room than the rest of the population, due in part to faulty motorics, perhaps, a not fully wired body-and-mind connection, maybe. They move around somehow awkwardly or attention-grabbingly, so that the older person feels (s)he has to yield and let the youngsters pass first. It feels wrong, since the old ones are paying up in full to the beat of their purchasing power for their shopping experience, while the young are freeloaders.

#2 Assertion
Just like alcoholism is bad for the older population, mall-loitering dumbs down the young. They lose time and brain-cell development opportunities at the malls. Malls have hardly any constructive or developing function in anyone’s life. Even adults languish in them to some extent. They bring money to those who work there and they provide semi-important goods to those who come to shop. Otherwise, they don’t seem to have any creative characteristics. Some malls have cineplexes/cinemas, and it is perfectly OK if young people mix with the slightly older set there as long as they even view that movie.

#3 Argument
Our govt. would like to place restriction
s for young people at malls. Why not allow young people there on the same grounds as old people: You Work or Buy here, and You’re Welcome. Otherwise you’d be unwelcome, uninvited, undesired, a nuisance. Even buying one cup of coffee would be enough to redeem one’s place at the mall. The trouble for young people with coffee is that coffee boosts up the intelligence and brain activity, and they are not ready or willing for that kind of thing. ☻

Another way for young people to redeem themselves, in consequence, would be to advertise for the companies whose products they are not buying. Young people both a) create a mood for buying by turning up and b) destory that mood in being obnoxiously all over the place, something older folks don’t like. Therefore, youth should make amends for this bad thing and provide publicity for free for the companies whose bottom lines they are marring. They should place ads around, assist in placing stuff in plastic bags, draw posters, sort out trash, take empty bottles to recycling centers, pose as mannequins (girls) or paint facades (boys). This way, kids and teens would learn something about the way, manner and ethic the real world works in. There are, namely, no free lunches, as they are in the habit of saying. That is, everyone pays. Youth should pay, too, in their own, modest way. The good thing about youth is that they are outgoing. For a finale, I’d say that…. they should go out of their way to help the aged.

Puheen kesto: 4 min 21 sek
Arvio: * * ½. Puhe jää hieman lyhyeksi. Se ei ole epämääräinen, mutta aihe on ehkä vähän triviaali, kaiken kaikkiaan, eivätkä esitetyt ehdotukset todennäköisesti toimisi tosielämässä, vaan niistä kieltäydyttäisiin. Todennäköisimmin todellisuudessa notkuminen kiellettäisiin säädöksellä, asetuksella tai lailla.



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