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Motion: THW declare that there is no Finnish identity per se
Role: Secretary (opp.)

What is Finland to do in the 21st century to begin with?

What Finns have themselves reached by way of a conclusion is or seems to be that ”we are the A student in the class”, for the better and for the worse. When others are skipping classes, we attend. When others do not contribute to the field-trip bursary, we do. When others aren’t getting straight A’s on their exams, we are. When others are bullying their fellow classmates, we intervene and blow into the whistle. When others do not stoop to bringing an apple to the teacher, we bring it, without forgetting to polish it first…..

I think we should stick to our self-image of an A-student. There is more to benefit than suffer from it. The most evident arena to shine in equipped with this stance is, of course, economics and the balance sheet. There, a triple-A rating (AAA-) means that we would get the money we need for offsetting our deficit at the lowest possible rate compared with the more delinquent borrowers. If we borrow, we pay a two-percent interest, while others may be forced to pay five percent, for instance. That is one thing.

Another is the role of the environmentalist. As there is a relatively unspoilt Nature in Finland, it’s relatively easy to preserve it. We can take care of our forests, for example, because we no longer even long to go there ourselves. Foreign people pick our berries and, presumably, mushrooms in the future, because the unemployed of our own are ”too busy” to do it or the like. Windmills rise up here to smaller opposition than in most other countries, because… we just adjust more harmoniously. Deep down, we know that the Age of Exploitation is over, when it comes to food production, industry and tourism, so it’s better to look voluntarily forward to a Greener future. We should therefore be the first in line to adopt environmentalist/conservationist legislation that is being churned out of the corridors and cabinets of the European Union. ”Green is Good,” as Gordon Gekko would not have said.

Sauli Niinistö, our current President, recently uttered that Finland shouldn’t act like being on a moral high horse in the world. His reasoning was that it cost us a (revolving) seat on the Security Council of the United Nations. He is wrong, unfortunately. People have a tendency to think that a country’s or one’s own popularity can be chalked up to the latest diplomatic act one has committed or done, meaning that we are only as good as our latest fair feat/dirty deed. It is not like that, let me assure you.

What really defines a country is the standard of living, market economy, democracy and justice system it has acquired and developed in the long run and proven results or record thereof. Countries that have achieved a high GDP, good credit rating and an excellent welfare index are virtually untouchable. If countries whose standards of living are high act untowardly in international circles, the others begin blaming themselves and contemplating what they may have done wrong. A high national self-esteem does not come out of nothing, and it should be a buffer for a lot.

In consequence, I’d like to state that there IS a Finnish identity per se, which builds on being the best in class, taking care of nature, and making sure there is market economy, democracy and justice. That is the full house of being Finnish, and you can bring that to an international poker table either in the form of chips or what is hidden behind the player’s face.

Puheen kesto: 4 min 45 sek
Arvio: * * * *.



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