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Motion: THW engage the govt. in creating jobs in the care sector
Role: Secretary (opp.)

The present situation has seen a lot of youth unemployment. Whatever we do to amend things, the equation seems to burst at some other point. It is like there is no room for new external factors in that employment equation. If the present forces at work are like X and Y, there is no room for Z in the formula. Mathematically, there is no (new) work.

Some say the Baby Boom comprised only of the years 1945 to 1950, whereas others draw the line until 1964, based on different interpretations of population growth curves, and possibly sociological sets of values and interviews of people. I would say people racked with unemployment are expressly those born in 1965 or later. You can make your own interpretation but make it quick.

I don’t think that the retirement of so-called Baby Boomers will bring much relief to the fraught labour market. Simply, the vacancies that they leave behind will not be refilled. In other words, those vacancies will implode or expire and be phased out. The dirty secret seems to be that a lot of those jobs have been cooking on the backburner for a longer time already; they’re convenience jobs to keep an important electorate happy for the time being. ”Scratch my back, and I will scratch yours,” or so the logic goes.

This should be fine with us younger people. We shouldn’t care. My big thesis is this:
Those born during the baby bust should create their own jobs.
Namely, boomers have operated in a fashion that could be replicated. The elder of them, those born in the 1930’s and 1940’s have been the driving forces behind entrepreneurship: they have founded firms and companies and brands. They younger part, those born in the 1950’s and early 1960’s, have enlisted in masses to be the workforces & workhorses in those very companies. The problem seems to be that all the time younger and younger generations try to line up for this same feeding chain, which leads to resentment, contest and friction.

A new round of companies should be started from scratch by people born in all of the decades of the latter half of the last century. Again, the older ones could and should design and finance while the younger ones would execute, or perform. This way experience and vision could lead the way while energy and spirit filled up the factory floor. Those who are in their fifties should found companies, while those who are half their age could work for them.

The worklife is not exclusive, even though it may seem daunting at times. It is inclusive, but the Catch-22 is to find the ambience, box or niche in which the piece that you represent fits in, hits home and sinks in. You are not the wrong size or wrong material – but of a wrong shape – on those occasions when you have been denied work and a chance to show your skills.

Työttömän puutteellisuus

As workers, we should not burn ourselves out trying to fit into an existing situation, but use the same energy instead into creating new boxes that are tailor-made for us (and possibly for those that follow us). It seems daunting, but it is the only way to save ourselves on a global scale in the competitive situation that we are facing.

Thank you.

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