The Book of Job


Viikko 53

This is such a short appendix-like end to the year, this week, that a fitting ending likewise is this speech that is hardly any longer. Maybe the other speeches preceding and following it redeem its shortness.

: THB that Underemployment areas (in the North and the East) should be harnessed to agriculture, fishing and mining again (or for the first time)
Role: Secretary (opposition)

I  A crux
A crux is that this development is energy-burning, highly polluting and transformative of nature. By and large, more products should be manufactured in recycling existing material instead of acquiring more unrefined material and producing objects out of that.

II  Coercion problem
One problem is coercion: People who are vulnerable will be forced to dangerous, exploitative and foreign-owned labour. Most likely they aimed for a creative or services job and will now be forced two steps back on the livelihood ladder.

III  Mining disasters
Mining disasters (in China and Chile) have become more common or at least more publicised or both in recent times. Saving miners from below will become increasingly difficult with the deepening of those labyrinthine mazes and mines. The Chilean miracle may not recur. Maybe it occurred, just once to renew someone’s Faith.

IV  The Social Problem
The worst problem of all is the social problem, though. Men-heavy industries dominate this list, and they devour lots of lost souls — so that women will become scarce in that orbit. Money can’t replace love & warmth, nor are imported prostitutes any ethical, lasting or satisfying solution to this problem. Equally many opportunities devoted to the female of the species should spring up, to attain wider views for the economically underprivileged areas — the government’s provincial bugbears.

Thank You.

Puheen kesto: 2 min 52 sek
Arvio: * * ½. Puhe puhuu asiaa, mutta sen kesto on hyvin lyhyt. Argumentointi on melko terävää. Väliotsikointi on sikäli hyvä asia, että se auttaa painamaan yleisön mieleen kunkin asian ja sen tehoa voi edistää vaikkapa käyttämällä sormiaan ja nyrkkiään kohtien painottamiseen.



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