On a Green Light to the Red-Light District


Viikko 9


Motion: THW treat sex offenders/offences rather as a sociological problem than a criminal or a medical problem
Role: MP/Rep. (govt.)
Date: Aug 4th, 2012

I am not in favour of curbing down prostitution. This much I can say now already. While making it go away is the pet project/brainchild of the current Minister of Justice, Anna-Maja Henriksson (RKP/SFP), I’m less enthused. As someone righteously said, ”it’s a well-intentioned but an ignorant attempt to solve a complex issue with too simple means.” Simply banning something outright like this would be as effective as Prohibition was in its day.

A Finnish expatriate originally from Germany, Mr. Roman Schatz, journalist and radio personality, opined thus: ”I would like to give sex vouchers to people, so that they could fulfill their sexual needs effectively. Just like we have lunch vouchers, recreation vouchers and exercise vouchers that can be given to employees in any company that wants to offer them for the staff.” (This was part of his regular column published in the Ilta=Sanomat evening tabloid.) Schatz’s ground idea is that men’s brains could be (re)directed to something more productive and beneficial, if the needs of the ”reptilian”/lower/lover part of the brain could be taken care of first, without too much emotional resistance,  nor moral or political panic.

I’m inclined to think alike. I see prostitution as a ”healthy” part of a big city’s cityscape, where there could be one red-light district to where moneyed, sexually frustrated husbands and bachelors went in the evenings to get a bit of relief in their daily struggle. Lest we forget, even the daily toil creates some kind of need to have a valve of some sort, be it physical, sexual, oneiric or other than that. It would be good if that kind of activity was expressly concentrated in some demarcated area that everyone knew, so that other areas could be spared the stigma of housing facilities meant for such a thing. As the situation is right now, prostitution can be found in any quarters, even the one YOU are living in. If it’s spread evenly and thinly across town, it is everywhere and anyone can be affected.

Other, female voices corroborate what I’m saying here. Anna Kontula, MP; Niina Vuolajärvi and Jaana Kauppinen all say that incriminating prostitution would hurt the whores more than their customers or long-term clients. Kontula also points out that the aim and crosshairs of the banners and haters is moving all the time. Right now they say that they don’t want to alter the statistics with any of their bills and measures, but just alter the attitudes. In other words, they speciously allege to take the hard and long road instead of just writing letters-to-the-editor and reaching their goal in this way. They manipulate the system, or at least try to.

Other issues, such as human trafficking, which aids and abets prostitution, can be battled with other means, but prostitution is older than even migration and therefore it should be handled as its own phenomenon. Don’t let’s mix things up. It has been already confirmed that porn in its own right has cut down the amount of rape around us in society. Wouldn’t it be as likely and plausible that prostitution, if it was more legal than what it currently is, would drive down the figures of that socio-juridical ill even further? Maybe prostitution could erase rape altogether in the very end.

Thank you.

Puheen kesto: 4 min 29 sek
Arvio: * * * *. Tämä alkaa, jatkuu ja päättyy hyvin. Viitteet lehdistöön ja politiikkaan ovat riittävän monipuolisia olematta nillittäviä. En ymmärrä, miksi en anna tälle viittä tähteä. Sanasto on monipuolista ja välillä tuntuu, että puhe vie suoraan ulkomaille ohi kotimaan ahtaiden ympyröiden, missä tämä on vielä pitkään Utopiaa. Kaksi edellistä puhujaa voisivat myös esittää tämän puheen olematta rooliensa vastaisia.



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