Go Straight to Rehab Without Going Thru Square One


Viikko 18


Motion: THB that an intervention by coercion should be allowed in matters of animal cruelty, child abuse or self-destruction
Role: Rep. (govt.)
Date: Apr 4th, 2013

You keep talking that a person has his or her given right to govern his or her own affairs and fortune. However, troubling times are transient and fortune fluctuates in the way an equation to a power of three does. Sometimes the upward curve is just around the corner in the coordinates, but people have to be taken that far. Interventions help in this. They make the upward turn likelier to come. It won’t matter if the turn doesn’t come, for a turn for the worse cannot be ascribed to the intervention.

In the following sequence I am going to do a case study of Kurt Cobain,  who was a known problem child of his generation. What caused his downfall and, more importantly, what lessons should we learn about his?

Cobain’s life had three dysfunctionalities. They were artistic, social and medical by nature. Let me go thru them very briefly. I assume that you know his story to some extent by heart, so that what I’m saying merely jogs your memory to revisit these points/poignancies.

■ When Kurt was on top, he was on top. But, he had an artistic weakness: he had chosen to make music based on the nihilistic rules of punk rock. That means creating a ”sinister” atmosphere by using major chords only on the guitar. Every musician knows how insanely hard this is. Ultimately resources run out. New songs are harder and harder to come by. This was one thing.

■ Another was Cobain’s heroin dependency, his medical ailment. This was originally a response to an ulcer he had gotten during his teen years probably as result of an eating disorder or tampering with the idea of a somehow healthy diet. He self-medicated with heroin and other opiates.

■ Again, this was worsened by his social problem; his acquaintanceship with mainly drug users and his marriage to drug queen Courtney Love, who could manage and take all kinds of drugs much more easily probably due to genetic differences.

In order to get well, he should have gotten rid of all of these problems in his life. He never did. The only thing he was offered on a larger scale was conventional rehabilitation treatment. He escaped from his drug detox center in March, 1994, and died by his own hand soon thereafter. It was Springtime, a time of general happiness….

What we arrive at is that people can be saved. Even so, they have to be taken into custody by people who understand the underlying dynamics and problems. They may see through those black holes and rough patches by means of not having the selfsame problems but having experienced them earlier on in life or having witnessed some relative or colleague have them. Recuperated, rich, resourceful former problem children are the only people on the planet who can truly help those who are about to go down the same drain. If the helpers are any good and these conditions are met, intervention can happen by coercion and against the will of its subject.

I thought in all seriousness @ the time that Cobain could have easily escaped his fate by hanging out with the right crowd and doing the right thing, as I was a naïve teenage high-school boy. I thought so, because I was hanging at that time with the right crowd and doing the right thing, so I was blinded by that to the circumstances of another person. How wrong I was.

As a consequence, what I’ve said does not dismiss or reject an intervention done right or those who would do it, sacrificing some of their own time, money and energy, maybe even property, if the rescuee begins to behave violently. We should give the ”keys” to people who understand and watch this perplexing play we call Life from a vantage point. Comprehension is the key.

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Arvio: * * * *. Puhe on kaunis ja siinä on kestäviä arvoja. Puheen aihe kiinnostaa ihmisiä ihmisenä ja antaa ajattelemisen aihetta ikätovereille ja nuoremmille. Puhe vie melko varmasti tilannetta uuteen suuntaan, kuten kakkosparin tehtävänä on.



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