O’ Connells Conned Us (Into This)


Viikko 44

: Oct 25th, 2016
Motion: THW legalise all drugs
Role: Rep. (gov.)

If rightwing governments want a night-watchman state, they for sure won’t have the resources to run a far-reaching Vice Squad, whose turf and jurisdiction the controlling of drugs would fall to. In that case, they would not have any other option than the legalization of drugs, as they could not enforce their control. Alternatively, they could try to hunt down drug peddlers, manufacturers, users and middlemen, but as the U.S. War on Drugs has so far shown us, whatever gains the Federal Government makes, it comes at a huge social and private cost. Simulataneously, a great deal of the gov’s energy would go towards keeping the status quo rather than making any positive changes for the better in society.

Consequently, drugs should be legalised because fighting against them eats away at so much of our resources

  • (a concrete example:)
  • Prohibition is the obvious Precedent in terms of this kind of pre-emptive legislation.

A further reason to deepen this argument is that,

Drugs were often developed by someone working for govt. institutions. Many drugs saw military or medical use before they ended up on streets to be used by just about anyone. They should be taken over by the govt. again so as not to give away the profit that they generate to misfits, outcasts, profiteers and agents of the grey economy. At first the gov could extend drug use to people whose use is not recreational but rather medical or palliative in nature.

  • (a concrete example:)
  • Albert Hoffman devised LSD in the first half of the 20th century, in November 1938, on the eve of the 2nd World War. It was introduced as a psychiatric drug in 1947. It should still be on that path.

Legalising drugs would reveal to us how big a percentage of the population self-medicate with them. People do not take drugs unless there’s something wrong with them. They take drugs for feelings of agony, alienation, despair, pain and so on. Knowing the full percentage of self-medicators would help us direct national health resources in a better way, since fully healthy people do not crave for Drugs. When heroin was injected into people who do not have a history of drug use or major, obvious problems in life, they did not like what they experienced.

Traditional drugs are relatively harmless. They evaporate from the body in about 6 to 8 hours through the metabolism of the liver. Any recreational use is usually harmless apart from the occasional ”bad trip” that may occur. If people take drugs in the presence of their friends or close friends, all side effects can usually be contained. This applies to such traditional drugs as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, khat, hashis and ecstacy, as long as they come from safe sources.

Arvio: Puhe ottaa kantaa debateissa usein esiintyneeseen aiheeseen, joka kumpuaa esiin kerta toisensa jälkeen varmaankin sen takia, että osanottajat ovat niin nuoria ja liberaaleja ja yleensä huumeisiin kallellaan, heidän tajuamatta niihin liittyviä vakavia elämänhallinnallisia, psykologisia ja taloudellisia implikaatioita. Yhtäältä huumeet pahimmillaan vievät kaiken ja toisaalta täysipainoinen elämä on täysin mahdollista ilman edes niiden mainitsemista. Olen kuitenkin tehnyt tämän puheen ’paholaisen asianajajana’.



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