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Brexiting the Law


Viikko 52


Date: Jun 24th, 2016
Motion: THB that Brexit will be a win-lose divorce
Role: Rep. (gov.)


The British are now at a watershed when it comes to their national future.
They have opted out of their political union with the rest of Europe. It’s time we drew some conclusions on the state of this union, on this side of the pond, across the Channel. What are the dire or not so dire ramifications of the secession?

Economy  So far, Britons have been part of a European network of real economies. At the same time, London is a hub for global capital streams, channelling them offshore and otherwise, laundering money and building high-stake card houses and other forms of piles of ”paper money”. This means that if the British take less part in the real economy, they have to take more part in the casino economy, and, preferably, tax it more, so that it would make up for the lost revenue from the smaller real economy. This in turn may lead to the London Stock Exchange losing business to other bourses the world over. Another option is to revitalize trade ties with other countries inside the Commonwealth. Britain is not alone in the world. Before it had Europe, it had North America and Australia. Those two could easily make up for losses experienced in the ”backyard”.

Internet Trade  Like every other nation, Britain, among the best, has benefited from the global mail-order office that the Internet has become. British companies are among the swiftest, with the widest selections and the most affordable prices when it comes to vendors of goods and commodities. On exiting, this business should take a hit, as those affordable prices will be slapped with VAT and customs fees, as they are imported into, say, Finland. So, it’s goodbye to cheap DVDs, books, LPs, robots and car radios from Britain. However, since we’re moving towards less material possessions in general, this may not be as bad as it sounds. It’s possible that the volumes of Internet trading face a comparable downswing in other markets and countries, too, for other, different reasons.

Lingua Franca  Has it occurred to you, dear listener/reader, that with it, Great Britain might also take back its and our lingua franca? Now that Britain is on its way out of the union, wouldn’t it be strange if we continued to talk using its language? If the inventors of English, i.e. England, the English, exit a company, should the company carry on speaking as if nothing had just happened? It most probably will, but arguably against its own best interests. From the beginning, the EU has chosen to speak English as opposed to a wide-spread use of French, German, Russian, Italian or some other language. None of the continental languages are easy enough to master in order to make life communicable therewith within the European Union. However, this issue has made life ”too easy” to everyone concerned. With faux English, anyone can trade with, marry or play ball with anyone else, and it is a bit fraudulent and phoney. I think that the true popularity of the EU would show its limits if the member states were forced to choose some other common language beyond English as the lingua franca. We would see that the union would not be that popular at n’ after all. Using German, union members would turn into what they mostly are: Continental conservatives bent & intent on making Money not War. Everyone thought that the EU had come about amazingly quickly, what with the previous wars having been fought out 70 years ago. Well, the quick progress was enabled by the shortcut of using English. English is not the most European language, as it is so widely used on other continents.

What I’m trying to say is that Brexit will hurt us, but it was in the cards anyway. London is the modern Babylon, to where everyone wants to go, so it should not be co-opted by Brussels or Berlin. If the Idea of Europe is any good, it can also coagulate or congeal around other cities in other countries. The EU is not necessary for wellbeing, as the example set by Norway has proven for and in a good time.

So far, the Concept of Free Movement (of capital, goods, people and services) has not only been used but also abused, as refugees, vagrants, nomads, extremists and criminals have made this concept their favourite loophole in the system. Maybe Britain and Brexit will and would teach us some containment and restraint.

Thank you.

Arvio: Puheessa otetaan ansiokkaasti kantaa ajankohtaiseen aiheeseen. Repparipuheeksi tämä on yhtäältä varmasti vanhaa toistava mutta kenties juuri viimeisessä aiheessa, kielikysymyksessä, myös uutta avaava, niin kuin rep-puheessa pitääkin/pitäisikin tehdä. Vastapuolen tehtäväksi jää todistella, että ero on täysi katastrofi (tai epätodennäköisemmin, ”megamenestys”).