The School Yard Isn’t an Elephants’ Graveyard


Viikko 10


Date: Apr 6th, 2013
Motion: THB that young people should be given at school some education on life & humility by older lecturing visitors
Role: MP (opp.)

Young people can listen to and tolerate education by just about anyone, and they do; at least the nerdiest ones do, as they stare at any adult with doe eyes, but the overall benefit should be assessed and calculated in advance. If someone comes along to scare the ”s#it” out of our spes patriae, the adverse effect will take hold, and one should not strive for that, of course. Rather, youngsters should be given lectures by people who have excelled and made something out of themselves during their lifetime — celebrities, businessmen, sports athletes, models, musicians, charity runners, talk show hosts and poker-playing pros. It’s tales by this kind of people that the young want to hear; talk that is bold, aggressive, challenging, assertive and so on and so forth. Whining and fake satisfaction with a life led ’treading water’ should be left exclusively to those who never achieved anything in their lives.

Young people could listen to old people telling them about this and that, but the problem therein is that that education would be mistake-, problem- and regret-oriented. I am reasonably sure that old people are filled with regret, and that they would love to pour it all out into the impressionable minds that would care to listen but who are also vulnerable and inexperienced in that vulnerability.

It would be better if seniors discussed their own problems among themselves and their own, without bothering younger people, who instead could and should give those seniors helpful advice on how to use home electronics, computers in particular, since this seems to be the stumbling block for most middleaged and older folks. The problems of the young are contemporary, and solving thereof should be left to professionals; not amateurs.

In my time of youth, two older gentlemen came to my senior secondary school to give a talk or rather a performance, as I remember well. I saw them perform at a stopover on a tour called Poetry in Motion. The idea was that two poets would recite their stuff to an accompaniment of two different kinds of guitars — a rock, electric one and a Spanish, acoustic one. The poems and poets were likewise supposed to be complementingly different: one presenting us with subtler and rose-tinted and the other with grittier and rawer stuff. As it happens, both of these artist gentlemen are now dead. One died after some years had passed from a pedestrian-vs.-car traffic accident and a blow to the head (and thus, mental faculties), and the other after developing cancer. Did we get precious advice from these two men? I don’t think so. If it had been that good, both of them would have survived better and would roam the plains here and now among the rest of us today.

That’s what I think about the govt’s proposal! They can send it to the secretary, who can fold it into origami.

Thank you.

Arvio: Lyhyehkö puhe sisältää tiukkaa asiaa. Sävy on ivallinen, törkeäkin, mutta tarkoituksena on torpata vahingolliseksi katsottu aloite. Näin lyhyeen puheeseen kannattaa ottaa enemmän kuin 2 kysymystä täytteeksi. Vastauksetkin voivat olla tavallista pidempiä.



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