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Date: Aug 26th, 2013
Motion: THW make people experiment with drugs so as to bring about positive changes in their lives
Role: MP (opp.)

I want to talk about change. As I see it, there are at least three kinds of change, alteration or transformation. The variants range from desirable change to destructive change, and it would be anyone’s duty to avoid the latter kind. Without further ado, let’s plunge into an enchanted world…

The easiest way, which is within the radius of one’s comfort zone, to change as a person, would actually be to stick with one’s routine. Anyone can do that. When doing so, it seems that everything remains the same, but that is NOT true. There is a buffer, margin or niche for change in our routines. What this means in practise is that our broadband carrier, clothing, cuisine, friends, music taste, relationship with relatives, and so on, undergo constant, timebound erosion and regeneration. Even with incremental changes we might end up eating Italian-style cooking at the end of the year, if we make one experiment that costs us nothing in preparing cannelonis at the beginning of January. Likewise, arguing with our boss once in March could get us fired by the the end of October, if and when stress and things and stuff piled up insurmountably. Life undergoes change in this way. I call it evolving routine.

A subset of routine is addiction and an addicted way of life. People may be addicted to gambling, nicotine, caffeine, other people, near people, strange people, and of course substances ranging from THC to sleeping pills, LSD, PCP and opioids. If one cultivates this side of one’s life without inhibitions, one is stuck in a rut that can only lead to trouble. The definition of a junkie according to a reformed user was this; ”someone who does the same freaking thing every day, and hopes that it will one day lead to a different result”, this in reference to the standard ”kick” that people experience from any given drug of our choice (and the coming down off the drug, which is arguably often eventless). Of course, nothing ever changes. Instead, one gets carved inside by the drug, and this weakens us so that we become resistant to any true change and more positive outcomes and prospects in life. I call it destructive routine.

The only real, good way to evolve and change is to do it for real. This means putting one’s foot on it. The schedule has to be cleared. There needs to be a vacant slot in the year, preferably spring, summer or autumn. Routine cannot be part of the day anymore. One has to eat when one can, what one can (maybe out of a can). One week could and should be devoted to just one particular activity. Why? Because this would ultimately lead on to results, for the better or for the worse. Change of this sort happens usually only when the time is ripe, things have come to a head, and nothing else would work. Crises are the catalysts for change of this sort, but they don’t always function as wake-up calls. One can go living one’s life on the principle of an evolving or a destructive routine (as outlined earlier on), even if the writing was on the wall and a looming need to change was on the horizon. Routine is easier for the human body and soul, even if the human spirit is disdainful of it. I call and consider changes after crises subverting routine.

People need to move and relocate; change, develop and evolve. The reasons may be corporal, mental or social — it does not matter. Two good earthly, secular motives for change that other people understand as well are, of course, financial reasons and fulfillment in life. Change propels us both away from and toward happiness. But only we ourselves can define what genuine happiness is. Saving oneself is (on) everyone’s responsibility.

Arvio: Puhe on kenties yllättävä äkkisyvältä filosofiselta näkökannaltaan. Tämä puhe sopii MP-puheeksi siksi, että se ottaa kohteekseen aloitteen loppupuolella vastaan tulevan toisen avainsanan muutoksia, ”changes”. Pj:n ja hänen kumppaninsa voidaan ajatella käyneen sanasotaa tähän mennessä jo aloitteen mainitsemaa ensimmäistä avainsanaa, huumeet, vastaan. Tämän jälkeen whip saa solmia paketin kasaan, jos kaikki osapuolet ovat asiansa hoitaneet.


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  1. Oletko huumorin knoppitietäjä?
    Tietyissä piireissä olet porukan hauskin! Tiesit nimittäin seitsemän oikein.

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