Fit as a Fiddle


Viikko 18


Date: May 2nd, 2017
Motion: THW focus on exercise as a cure for ills on a broader spectrum
Role: MP (gov.)

Most people think that the present boom in the sport that is called ”fitness” is something that it is not. The popular image of FITNESS is as something to do for those who are (spray)tanned, like to look at themselves in the mirror, do other sports equally well, do not care about school that much and like to travel (showing off their muscles and stuff). Something could be farther from the truth, but this, too, is far from the truth.

Fitness suits those who like to dwell on the physical and who have little time over for things other than the physical ones. But the key thing to know is that fitness suits also all other kinds of people. And now I’m going to focus on those other kinds of people.

The basic, core idea of fitness is that it elevates the body to a status that it should have in its own right, as a given thing. But, unfortunately people have been neglecting their bodies ever since the end of World War II. I suppose the war was such a crucible of famine, plight, thirst and typhus that it felt necessary to gain a lot of weight and lose a little muscle mass in the following few decades after the war. However, that was then and this is now.

The core idea of fitness is that it tries to put the dot on the i, when the ”i” is already well-formed. The best example is the Intellectual. When we have someone who is above average in intelligence, an erudite person, a well-read citizen, (s)he is already well on his or her way to becoming elected (for marriage, or an office, or something). When that person begins to invest in his or her looks and bodily presence as well, it is like saying that ”now I should be irresistible”. In other words, if a person already possesses brains, and then that person goes on to possess brawn as well, it is kind of hard to say that the person is ”not enough” (to win us over).

Fitness is an extension of our already well-formed egos, that i with a minuscule. When the small ego ”i” is augmented with the secret ingredient of fitness, it turns into an Ego with a majuscule, an ”I”. I is better than i, in a manner of speaking.

This, of course, has its roots in the idea that the body is a temple of the soul or mind. If we’re really good and really clever, it should somehow manifest itself in our bodies as well. Smart people should have nice clavicles, slender biceps, bulging pecs, shaved armpits and V-shaped cotton shirts on. It sounds vain, but if we’re honest, it’s more in keeping with having something to offer also on the intellectual plane. If one is a Chess Champion of the World, it doesn’t leave a good impression if the person has cellulite on the thighs at the same time. The chess skills do not have to be gotten rid of, but the cellulite should go.

And this can be extended to other areas as well. If you’re a poker-playing pro, you look better if you don’t have to choose XL-sized clothes for the tournaments. If you’re a stand-up comedian, it’s better if you can run for a quarter of an hour instead of walking for an hour, because that helps you perform better and makes you more convincing. And so on. And so on.

Fitness is a way of sealing the deal, of bringing the spectator of yourself as an object to make the conclusion that you are better than the rest or at least good enough. Youthfulness, vibrancy and a general buoyancy are never a bad thing (except in political, closed cabinets, perhaps, but even there a lot of politicians make an effort to not look like dried-up halibuts). Fitness is not you, because the real you cannot be contained by kettlebells, gyms and mirrors. But until you make the grand old age, fitness is good way of keeping that grand old age at bay.

Thank you.

Arvio: Jos puolen aiemmat puhujat ovat puhuneet urheilun, liikunnan ja kuntoilun terveysvaikutuksista, II-tiimin edustaja lähtee hieman eri suuntaan puhumalla niiden terveys- JA ulkonäkövaikutuksista. Puhetta olisi voinut vielä pidentää eri esimerkein seitsemännessä kappaleessa.



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