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Studio Eastern Bear


Viikko 12



  • Yrsa Grüne, editor of Hbl
  • Maimo Henriksson, civil servant of the Foreign Ministry
  • Markku Kivinen, on behalf of the Alexander Institute
  • Ilya Spiegel, cineaste
  • Hostess

under the headline of
”Putin styr” (= Putin at the helm)

Others’ coordinates:
Ms. Henriksson and Mr. Kivinen are old-school representatives of administrative power, which makes their standpoints partially such that they are loyal to diplomacy and the govt’s objective to maintain relatively good relations with any nation. Grüne and Spiegel, on the other hand, stand for traditional liberal leftism, the representatives of which are wont to point out moral dilemmas and ethical predicaments in any issue at hand, also with Russia.

Deep down, Henriksson and Kivinen seem to be of the opinion that the progress of the Russian bear needs to go along its own path and course. This is characteristic of the older generation. Spiegel and Grüne believe that the troika of Demonstrations, Sanctions and Youth are the things that will propel Russia little by little in the right direction, away from unilateralism and autocracy. Participants also broach the (non-)success of Russian society as measured by demographic statistics.

Own coordinates:
Russia seems to be a country of ambivalence, an eagle with two heads. On the one hand, as heir to the weapons arsenal developed by the Soviet Union of old, it is one of the three military superpowers in the world, but in terms of its own economy it is rather a BRICS country among which it is sometimes counted. The ambivalence in relating to Russia boils down to the fact that when Russia behaves ”badly” as a superpower (by definition, superpowers ”can’t behave badly”), the punishment it receives comes as a punishment to a BRICS country, as the other options are moot.

I think that most of the things Russia interferes in are its ”internal affairs” that superpowers did not get in hot water for between 1953 (Stalin’s death) and 1991 (the Soviet Union’s fall). Moreover, the victims of Russian policies are for the most part its own citizens or citizens from neighbouring satellite Slavic and Caucasian countries. As an adult weaned on Bond movies, I think that Russia should be treated like it wants itself to be treated. Russia plays with two decks of cards, one in its left hand and the other in its right hand, which was not uncommon in those Bond movies. The West is also able to do this. Diplomacy, a spirited discussion and PR are those things that should dominate in the daytime instead of accusations. By night, espionage, sabotage and other stuff of secret-agent movies might be carried out, acts of which also steer and influence politics.

Based on my opinions, I would seat myself around the now invisible round table next to Maimo and Markku.


Studio Women With Children


Viikko 11


All-female line-up

With the rubric ”Kvinnojobb” (= women’s vocations)

  • Lenita Airisto, fashion, PR and media entrepreneur; beauty-pageant winner
  • Charlotta Niemistö, postdoc researcher
  • Michaela von Wendt, CEO of Lundia, manufacturer of furniture
  • Hostess

The debate was about how women best may climb the career ladder with children on their back as a monkey.

Others’ positions:
Lenita Airisto was in favour of women dragging themselves up by their bootstraps regardless of subventions provided by society or men. In this, she got a little bit of support from von Wendt, who had solved part of the problems of her family in enlisting help with menial tasks at home. The trouble with Ms. Airisto is that she is partly the wrong person to sermonise about combining family life and work, since she has had just a husband to take care of and ”provide for”; hence, her advice was moot in that sense.

Ms. Niemistö (and the hostess) seemed to be more for big organisations continuing their work for women, bridging inequality with different measures by labour unions, employers and society. At any rate, they could not have offered anything for SME women, who’d have at the worst a company, children, the household and the finances of the family to sort out on their own. In those cases, they would have had to defer those people to Airisto.

Own Positions:
Western societies are little by little turning from patriarchies to matriarchies, or, rather into neuterarchies, where anyone’s sex or gender should not have an impact on how one takes care of one’s work and children. At the same time, traditional patriarchies (Russia, China, Islamic countries, African nations, India) take care of ”family business” so that men’s dominance over women continues. These countries also make the biggest contributions to the world population and demographics. Whatever we may do, the procreation strategies of patriarchies outrun the procreation strategies of neuterarchies.

In consequence, I’m more inclined to sit beside Airisto and von Wendt. According to my opinion, quality individuals should meet up in the population, leading to the acquiring of one child or childlessness (planned parenthood). If both make enough money, motherhood can be complemented by help at home, which is to be paid for privately. In this, the prevailing mass unemployment is beneficial. It is also affirmative if men strive to choose strong women over weak women as mothers to their children.

However, this was just a snap take, while the real debate could take a course of its own.

The image below illustrates how I would have chosen, as a quick decision, my place around the now invisible round table.



THB that bad economical times bring bad politic[ian]s to power


Viikko 10


Date: Nov 9th, 2013
Motion: THB that bad economical times bring bad politic[ian]s to power
Role: Rep. (gov.)

Dear Assemblage, Chair, House,
as the second half of the proposing side, I’d like to concentrate more on the lesser scapegrace of the present regime, the Centre Party, instead of True Finns > Blue Future. What do Centrists do wrong and why? The answers are interesting…
My speech will touch upon such things as the Principle of Struggle, a Conservative Onlooker, Facts and a Plea for Reformation. Towards the end, there will be question time.

The Principle of Struggle
When politics is being made, sides A and B fight each other viciously. Trying not to give up an inch, finally they reach a compromise somewhere down the line in the middle, leaving the issue at the compromise, the middle ground, the halfway house. What truce and armistice will follow, it will last until the issue is broached anew from some newer angle and with new champions and opponents.

Conservative Onlooker
What the Centre Party, a conservative onlooker, tried to do is to fight both A and B for the sake of their ”audacity” to renegotiate accomplished compromises. Centrists are so fixated on non-change that they basically don’t want change. When someone else tries to implement a compromise, centrists take the compromise, as they get it for free. Both A and B will look derisively on C for trying to take credit for their ”see-saw” or tug of war.

What do we know about the present situation?’

  • Centre and True Finns are current favourites in entrance and exit polls
  • Centre chairs have lately resigned after disgrace or a gauntlet-like chase
  • Rural Finland and rural communites are ruled by the Centre Party
  • If religious people do not vote for Christian Democrats, their second alternative is often the Centre Party
  • The success of the Prisma shopping-centre chain is in some cases linked up to the planning decisions that favour it in communities that are ruled by the Centre Party

Plea for Reformation
One way to affect the current situation is to do the old-fashioned thing and write to one’s Centrist congressman and demand true change and power to the people. Reformation of the powers that be would be a better option than handing power over to the opposition, for the opposition clearly have little clue as to how to rule the country in these rocky waters we are now navigating. When we need bold re-entrepreneurial spirit, redistribution of resources and lending of money, if necessary, the opposition is hell-bent for leather to just lend some more money and mete it out to anyone who is clamouring for it. The opposition should not get the credit in a bad government situation. If the government is one-eyed, the members of the opposition are downright blind. We’ll have to restore full 20/20 vision to the government.

Now it’s Question Time.
Please ask.

In my speech, I have gone through the vices and vicissitudes of the Centre Party, whereas my colleagues in the previous team of the government went through the vagaries and viciousness of True Finns, as they are the household name in national politics. Their nightmare collaboration on the horizon can and will be corrected as long as we get ourselves in the right mindset and think clearly inside the box. I hope that I made you do just that in concentrating on my main points, the four aforementioned headlines Principles of Struggle, Conservative Onlooker, Facts and Plea for Reformation. Thank you very much and let the whips finish off this national political affair.

Arvio: Löysin tämän puheen arkistosta ja ajattelin julkaista sen, koska se tuntuu sopivan nykyiseenkin poliittiseen tilanteeseen vielä vuoden verran, vaikka se kirjoitettiin vuosia aiemmin. Ansioina on tehokas väliotsikoiden käyttö ja napakka esitystapa, vaikka en joissakin kohdin ollut aivan varma siitä, mitä edes ajoin takaa. Tuo on varmaan tavallista kuin siteeraa itseään vuosien takaa…

Tämä onkin sitten viimeinen arkistoitu puhe toistaiseksi, sillä puheita on tullut täyteen iso tasaluku. On aika vetää henkeä ja palata siihen aiheeseen myöhemmin uusiutunein voimin. Puheiden julkaisemisen tarkoitus on se, että niistä jää jonkinlainen ”paper trail” väittelyn harjoittajille. Tuntuisi turhalta harjoittaa jotakin tämän tapaista toimintaa niin, että vuosien jälkeen käsissä olisi vain kasa post-it-lappuja ja ruttuisia A4:sia.