This site is dedicated to debate in Finland and for Finnish audiences. By audience is meant born and bred Finns or resident foreigners, such as exchange students, employees or fiancé(e)s.

This site is thus mainly written in Finnish, but the speeches are in English, as that is the language of affiliated associations, clubs and societies. The Format is British Parliamentary that normally takes an hour to complete.

I accept/request guest posts from any quarter. In that case they have to be complete speeches, either never ever presented or transcripts of contributions to actual, waged, non-public (meaning not media-covered) debates.

The name of the poster can but does not have to be enclosed, as I have not put my name here either.

I have used slightly non-standard names for the speaker parts, as I have felt they are very clumsy in their original
guise. Therefore, the titles I have used are the following:

I speaker       = PM (govt.)
II speaker     = Chair (opp.)
III speaker   = Minister (govt.)
IV speaker   = Secretary (opp.)
V speaker     = MP/Rep. (govt.)
VI speaker   = MP/Rep. (opp.)

Whips are not included as their role is to conclude and wind up (the bleeding listener).



Debate, Finland
Debate in Finland
Debating society, Finland
Debating societies in Finland
Debating in a society in Finland
Where to debate in society in Finland
Väittely Suomessa
Väittely englanni
Väittelyseurat Suomessa
Väittelytoiminta Suomessa
Väittelytoiminta seurassa Suomessa
Missä väitellä englanniksi Suomessa



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