This site is dedicated to debate in Finland and for Finnish audiences, in the way that it is known as a rhetorical pastime, mainly intramurally. Prospective core Finnish debaters include native, born and bred Finns in higher education, but this lot also extends its hands to resident foreigners, such as exchange students, foreign employees with Finnish companies and those who have come to the country through matrimony or courtship.

This site is thus written in both Finnish and English, as that is the language of affiliated associations, clubs and societies. The Format is BP debateBritish Parliamentary-style debate that normally takes an hour to complete.

I have used slightly non-standard names for the speaker parts, as I have felt they are very clumsy in their original form/ulation.
Therefore, the titles I have used are the following:

I speaker       = PM (gov.)
II speaker     = Chair (opp.) — nonstandard
III speaker   = Minister (gov.) — nonstandard
IV speaker   = Secretary (opp.) — nonstandard
V speaker     = MP/Rep. (gov.)
VI speaker   = MP/Rep. (opp.)
VII speaker = Whip (gov.)
VIII speaker = Whip (opp.)



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