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Not Five a Day But for a Fiver a Day


Viikko 27

: THB that the underclass can’t be taught how to cook meals
Role: Rep. (opp.)

People are today somehow anxiously ambivalent about food. Some would like us to believe that the food industry forces such nosh down our throats we don’t like, suffer from and fall ill with. This is an erroneous assumption. Good eating is just a few decisions, determinations and insights away.

First of all, I would spend some time with the person who wants to change his or her eating habits, eking it out on a small allowance, benefit or pension. I would first try to figure out how much that person is spending on nutrition all things summed up, counting in such consumables as alcohol, crisps, dinners in front of the TV, microwave meals, peanuts, popcorn, snuff, tobacco and so on, not forgetting anything that passes for foodstuffs or secondary digestibles. That way, a budget could be set at an expendable sum of money. We could spend together, as a mentor and a protegé, the same amount on sane, sound and healthy eating as on insane, depraved and vain eating.

(A footnote to this is if we could and should also count medicine into the equation. It would be tempting, as medicinal expenditure could raise the budget considerably due to its costliness in some people’s cases. Besides, it’s swallowed and ingested usually as pills. Nonetheless, I’ve decided to exclude medicine from this discussion, as it has no nutritional value and no calories.)

The key is to spend money on things that are as close to the primary-production chain as possible. I would shun any food that comes from a factory, as a rule of thumb. I would allow, though, spice, condiments and prefab sauces, and such things that are a necessary aid in cooking food and preparing meals. Even then, I’d keep an eye on the (E) numbers listed on the tin (i.e. food additives). I would not buy anything supplementary that has more than 5 (E) numbers blended in.

Then, I would come to an understanding with my protegé about what kind of food (s)he likes to eat that is easy to have as a platform for making food in a hurry, disorganised, from ingredients shelved and fresh. It could be cold or warm when served, as long as it was a kind of tuttifrutti dish that tolerates many flavours to add, methods to use and end results to achieve without becoming inedible.

The main thing would be to steer clear of a diet that is high in fats, salts and sugars. They are added to TV dinners and micromeals, mainly because they are chemical substances that are a) cheap to produce, b) preservatives in their own right and c) appealing to our central nervous systems and Stone Age brain circuits. They are the means of food manufacturers and marketers by which they got the upper hand in supermarkets, conquering people’s fridges and freezers and getting into the business in the first place. Without these ambivalent ingredients, factory-food manufacturers wouldn’t be in business, as their wares would be too expensive to produce with too small a profit margin.

Food is like culture, education and friends. They all should be raw, unadulterated and inexpensive. If kept organic and/or natural, food will nurture us and keep us healthy and sanguine. For this reason, it is absurd to claim that a poor person cannot afford to eat on a healthy diet. On the contrary, a poor person can’t afford not to, because (s)he will still have to fulfil other missions and needs besides eating.

Arvio: Puheen lineaarinen rakenne sisältää johdonmukaisen etenemisen ja yhden kolmen kohdan kiteytyksen ilman väliotsikoita. Jos aiemmat puhujat ovat keskittyneet aloitteen avainsanaan ”alaluokka”, ”alaluokan jäsenet”; teen työni hyvin, jos puolestani keskityn avainkohtaan ”valmistaa ruokaa” / ”kokata”.


Noli me tangere


Viikko 50


Motion: THW restrict human contact to prevent infectious disease
Role: Secretary (opp.)
Date: April 3rd, 2013

The govt’s motion is evil. We humans crave and need interaction with each other. We can’t live in that kind of deprivation that the govt. is suggesting. There is enough isolationism in the world todays as it is. Hotels house lonely businessmen, who crave for an infectious sickness by renting out a prostitute. People want to go to football matches and communal swimming pool centres despite the obvious risk of contracting foot fungi. Dogs greet each other by smelling each other’s excretions and the holes where they came from — and they’re all the healthier because of these unsavoury activities, or not at least ill in any way that a vet couldn’t cure.

The govt’s motion is useless and backward-looking. We have mostly conquered infectious disease. Few of us contract any kind of sickness anymore via hands, water, kisses, keyboards, handles or food, except for the common cold and travelling flu viri. And as time goes by, immunity becomes better in human adults. Old people seldom fall ill in their days of retirement and on pension. Moreover, immunity can be shored up by injections and nutrient boosts, fruit vitamins and condensed pills of various kinds, not to speak of exercise.

Shying away from human interaction would result in dysfunction. The unemployed would stay unemployed, if they refused to go to job interviews and shake hands with their potential recruiters. The economy would lose in value, if people did not go to shops to buy stuff anymore in fear of touching demonstration machines. The internet cannot be the sole source of revenue in a thriving and throbbing economy.

Allergies etc. are a by-product of over-sanitization. A healthy population could handle and host even parasites of the graver variety and still stay relatively viable. Namely, even if parasites of the bug-like or vermiform kind are disgusting and unwanted, they have the potential to reduce the risk of cancer in a population by having the potential to eat away at human tissues and therefore destroy potentially malign tumours composed of cancer cells. That’s a kind of life insurance, these days.

A better solution that would take into account our point of view as well as the govt’s slightly ridiculous and neurotic standpoint would be to use mouth protection the way Asian people have used it during their SARS and MERS epidemics. This wouldn’t prevent human contact or restrict it altogether, but protect one from inhaling germs through the mouth. Respirators would be an option, not an obligation, of course. That way all interest groups could be taken into account and catered for.

Please vote against the motion on the agenda. We don’t need more protection against threats of yesteryear whereas we need more protection against threats of today. Polio isn’t here anymore. We need instead cures for disease born out of a diabetic lifestyle and overindulgence, one of which may be simply exercise and eating less.

And finally, prick up your ears to my motto for today’s speech, which is: The population is not a problem but — a solution.

Puheen kesto: 4 min 24 sek
Arvio: * * * *. Paljon kiistanalaista (ja osin epätoivoista) vastaan haraamista roolin mukaisesti, mutta onnistuvaakin ja hengeltään tervettä. Aloitus on ärhäkkä ja vastustajan suoraa torppausta yrittävä: se sanoo ensin vastustuksensa ja antaa sitten argumentteja, mikä on tehokas taktiikka.